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7 Benefits to Running in the Morning

7 Benefits to Running in the Morning

Is there a best time to run? Besides the most obvious answer of “yes, whenever you can” there’s a little more nuance to it. Perhaps even some science!
If morning running is one of your goals, find out how to make the switch…or, more importantly, if you really need to switch from your evening run!
Morning run? Evening run? Runch? Does one specific time result in the best workout? Do you burn more fat by doing that fasted morning run? Do you run faster by going later in the day?
Morning Run Benefits
Following are seven of the biggest benefits to implementing a daily morning workout. If you’ve been trying to talk yourself in to making the switch, sometimes it helps to appeal to your reward centers!
That’s right, I LOVE tapping in to our subconscious anytime I want to make a change. Simply saying that you should is an awful way to get your body and brain excited for that 5AM alarm. Instead, find one of these benefits you can latch on to when that buzz sounds to help you get up.
Brain Booster
Studies have shown that exercise can increase mental acuity for up to 10 hours post workout! Best to put this to use with an AM workout rather than wasting all that added focus on the hours we’re sleeping.
Appetite Control
Morning runners often report feeling less hungry throughout the day.
However, studies have tried to dissect the cause of this appetite reduction and found two answers: it’s a direct result of the workout itself or it’s a mental shift from starting the day in a healthy way and wanting to continue feeling good.Tips for Beach Running - Workouts to build strength
Quality Zzzz’s
It turns out that today’s morning workout might help you sleep better tonight by helping to better regulate your hormones throughout the day. Adrenaline will be highest in the morning and naturally taper off throughout the day, rather than being ignited late in the day by an evening workout.
Early mornings offer a bit of quiet and solitude to mentally prepare for the day. It’s absolutely my favorite way to slow down, while of course speeding up.
AM exercisers tend to be more consistent over the long haul with their routine. And we all know that consistency is KING when it comes to results!! This is likely because as the day progresses life gets in the way or we feel too exhausted after the stress of a fully work day to hit the gym {even though it would help!}.how to get resultsWorkouts Feel Better
Working out at the same time each day actually signals your body to prepare in advance for exercise. Yes your body will start getting ready even while you sleep!
That’s gotta be the coolest way to burn extra calories ever. The muscles involved in your workout will actually begin to wake up while you are sleeping, making it easier to get up and preventing injury by acting as a warm up of sorts.