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Hypertension treatment folk remedies

Hypertension treatment folk remedies

of folk remedies is an effective method of returning health. Recipes of traditional medicine help to cure most common diseases. This article has all the information about herbal remedies at home, medicinal plants and what herbs hypertension will really help.

Гипертония лечение народными средствами: советы и рецепты

Many people believe that it is best when dealing with high pressure to apply medicines and different pills that are sold in pharmacies, but this opinion is totally wrong. Of course, to lower pressure using vasodilators for hypertension. However, in this case, it is desirable to entrust the popular recipes. Traditional medicine can help to avoid or mitigate the progression of this disease, and what you should use – read on.

Hypertension is a disease the main symptom of which is high blood pressure. of hypertension with herbs is a great way out. Because the disease is high, the voltage of the walls of the small arteries of the body, which leads to their constriction and reduce their clearance, and this hampers the movement of blood from one part of the vascular system to another. And the herbs will help to expand the walls of blood vessels.

Folk remedies for the of hypertension
Quickly lowering the pressure will help the following recipe: water Apple or dining of a 5% vinegar on a rag and apply it to the soles of his feet for 15 minutes. The method is effective and has a truly healing properties, but you need to make sure that the pressure dropped too low. When the pressure is normalized, the procedure is recommended to immediately stop. Hot foot bath with mustard is another great method, as the effect will not keep itself waiting long. The pressure drops quickly, even faster than from special medicines.
Garlic will not only help during a cold, but in this case will be a good tool. 2 small heads garlic, cook until soft in one Cup of milk, strain. Drink solution of 1 tablespoon three times a day after meals for two weeks. Every other day prepare a fresh decoction.
Finely chop one large onion, four cloves of garlic, add one tablespoon of dried fruits of mountain ash. The resulting mixture pour a liter of cold water, bring to the boil and with a tightly closed lid, boil fifteen minutes on low heat.